Board of Directors:


President: Jian Yang

Biography: Dr. Yang is an associate professor of pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan.  He received his B.Sc. degree in biochemistry from Peking University in 1989 and Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and structural biology from the University of Saskatchewan in 1997.  After obtaining his Ph.D. degree, he continued his postdoctoral training in molecular medicine at both the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Brandeis University. In 2003, Dr. Yang joined the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan as a pharmacy faculty.  He is interested in interdisciplinary research with focus on anticancer drug development, integrative medicine, environmental pollutants and carcinogenesis, and molecular and cellular biology.

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Research Interests: Pharmacy and nutrition

Vice President, Secretary, and Conference Planning chair: Christopher Hrynkow

Biography: Christopher Hrynkow earned a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies from the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice, St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba and a Th.D. in Christian Ethics, specializing in Ecological Ethics, awarded jointly by the University of Toronto, the University of St. Michael’s College, and the Toronto School of Theology. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Culture at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan where he teaches courses in Religious Studies, Catholic Studies, and Critical Perspectives on Social Justice and the Common Good.

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Research Interests: Cultural and Social Sustainability; Religion and Ecology; Ecojustice, Peace, and Social Justice; Nonviolent Activism; Catholic Social Teaching; Ecological Ethics; Religion and Science; Transformative Learning; Catholic Studies; Cross-Cultural Education; Religion and Politics; Green Living

founder, executive director, and Treasurer: Hongming Cheng

Biography: Dr. Hongming Cheng is Professor of Crime, Law and Justice in the Sociology Department at the University of Saskatchewan, an Edmond J. Safra Network Fellow at Harvard University, and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research in Germany. He has taught or held visiting positions at St. Thomas University, Simon Fraser University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China Normal University, and the University of Oxford, among others. He was an Invited Individual Expert at the 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and a Faculty Speaker at the 27th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime in 2009. His research and teaching cover a variety of areas including law and society, white-collar crime, business ethics, food safety, social control, policing, and transnational crime. He is the Founder of Saskatchewan Center for Science and Religion (SCSR) and currently serves as the Executive Director of SCSR.

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Research Interests: White collar and corporate crime, Public attitudes toward policing, Land rights of Aboriginal citizens and Chinese peasants, International and comparative criminal justice, Criminal law and constitution, Transnational financial regulation, Corporations, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility, Securities regulation, Chinese law and society, Sinology



research assistant: Wei rose Chen

Wei grew up in Sichuan province, China. She completed her Bachelor and Master's degree of sociology in Wuhan University (2010) and Lanzhou University (2015), China, respectively. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan. She is now working on her dissertation on understanding the achievements of Chinese entrepreneurs in the construction industry in Vancouver and the difficulties they came across within the labor market.

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Research Interests: Ethnic entrepreneurship, Ethnic Enclave, Ethnic relations, Labor Market, Consumption, Technology,Big Data, Machine algorithm, Network Economy,Globalization, Internationalization, and Food Safety.

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Board of Directors & Staff:


Jian Yang

Christopher Hrynkow
Executive Director, Vice President, Secretary, and Conference Planning Chair

Hongming Cheng
Founder and Treasurer

Hongming Cheng
Founder and Treasurer

Wei Rose Chen 

Research Assistant